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заболеваний сетчатки глаза

Москва, Щёлковское ш.,

дом 21, корпус 2

Phone: +7 (905) 774-34-34

Email: info@retinafond.com

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“I saw a simple message on Instagram that there will be an action to identify retinal diseases. It looked more like an invitation, not an advertisement.⠀

Usually, when they call for a free examination, a person is alarmed: what if they will have to pay huge money for treatment? But then the fact that the examination is carried out at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Presidential Administration aroused confidence. This is a guarantee of honesty for us.

As a family, we try to take care of our health, but we live in such a tense rhythm that it is often not easy to find a lot of time to visit the clinic. And problems start to appear with age. It is more difficult for me to read, some dots have appeared before my eyes.


I called up the given number, and everything happened very quickly: I registered for the examination of my husband, myself and our daughter. I also called all my friends, and our friends all registered too!

Everything here is so modern, excellent organization of business, very polite, smiling, confident doctors and medical staff. In general, a great idea.

Here I learned that the event was organized by a charitable foundation. Many thanks to these educated young people who spent their day off with us.

We are so happy and inspired that we have decided to go to the sea soon. Most likely, the Black Sea. Life goes on.”⠀

We thank for the feedback Veronika Nikolaevna Bavina, who underwent an ophthalmological examination with her family on July 13, 2019 as part of the Open Day of the Save Sight program and gave her consent to photography and publication of the review.

Photo by: Evgeny Stetsko

The project “Save Sight. Improving access to quality ophthalmic care for older people” is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.

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