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As part of the RetinaDar charitable campaign, held by the RetinaFond and Alcon in partnership with the Liga + multifunctional medical center for children and adults, the patient underwent surgery for toxic-allergic uveitis, complicated cataract, funnel-shaped retinal detachment

Surgeon – T.A. Avanesova


The story of never giving up.


In December 2019, Timur noticed a deterioration in his vision and went to a hospital in his home region, where inflammation of his right eye was diagnosed and therapy was prescribed. After about 2 weeks of treatment, vision was not significantly improved.

He went to work in Moscow. A few months later, realizing that vision was not being restored, but rather the opposite, already in Moscow, Timur again turned to the doctors. Here, in one of the hospitals where he applied, he was diagnosed with retinal detachment and sluggish uveitis in the right eye. It became clear that the operation could not be avoided. Unfortunately, in all clinics and hospitals where he applied, operations were scheduled 1.5 months in advance.

8 months had passed since the deterioration of vision, and at the age of 25, having practically resigned himself to the inevitability of losing an eye in the future, Timur nevertheless made an appointment at another clinic, where he was advised to contact Tatiana Andreevna Avanesova, who, after examination and test results, appointed surgery in the clinic “Liga +” in 12 days – on September 18, 2020. Moreover, free of charge, within the framework of the RetinaDar project.

Timur says:

“Everything went extremely quickly, extremely simple … I was lucky … I had seen a completely black background before …

… I thank from the bottom of my heart and with all my soul all the people who took part in this operation … The eye began to see … Not perfect, but I am completely satisfied with the result. “

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