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Diet is an important and mandatory aspect for the prevention of early stages of AMD.

If you have been diagnosed with AMD (age-related macular degeneration), you should pay special attention to your diet. To exclude foods high in cholesterol from the diet, as well as an increased intake of vitamins, microelements and antioxidants are very important.

For the normal functioning of the retina, certain substances are needed – carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin), which are found in foods such as:

· egg yolks;

· broccoli;

· spinach;

· bell pepper (red, orange, yellow);

· pumpkin;

· grapefruit;

· kiwi fruit;

· tomatoes;

· carrot;

· beans;

· cabbage etc.

Antioxidants for the eyes are contained in blueberries, red currants, red grape seeds

Sources of vitamin A (retinol), which is part of the visual pigment, are:

· eggs;

· milk;

· liver of marine fish.

B vitamins support the activity of the immune and nervous system and the efficiency of cell growth and multiplication. Their source is:

· yeast;

· curd;

· cheese;

· milk;

· sprouted grains.

Vitamin C also has a general strengthening effect on the entire body and helps prevent AMD. Its content is especially great in:

· white cabbage;

· kiwi fruit;

· red and black currants;

· oranges;

· lemons;

· rosehip;

· spinach.

Vitamin E enhances the activity of other antioxidants, improves blood circulation around the eyes. It enters the body with the following foods:

· vegetable oils;

· nuts;

· spinach

A varied and balanced diet is recommended. You need to eat often and fractionally, 5-6 times a day.


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