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On February 20, the final School of Health was held in the Union of Pensioners of Russia (UPR) within the framework of the project “Save Sight. Improving access to quality ophthalmic care ”.



Since the start of the project in July 2019, together with the regional branch of the UPR in Moscow, we have held 9 educational events on the basis of the Health and Active Longevity Club.



Members of the Club received comprehensive information about the methods of prevention, methods of treating age-related macular degeneration, learned how to self-diagnose using the Amsler test, and received a detailed brochure about AMD as a gift.

On February 20, each participant of the School received a certificate for free OCT diagnostics.

Also, at the request of the audience, our lecturers analyzed in detail the following topics:

· Risks of developing glaucoma;

· Cataract. One of the most common causes of vision loss;

· Diabetes. Risks of developing diabetic retinopathy;

· Formations of the eyelids and the eye: how to examine and treat …



We thank the listeners of the Health Club for their trust and attentive attitude to the health of their eyes, the chairman of the regional branch of the UPR in Moscow, Igor Viktorovich Korneev, and the executive director of the UPR in Moscow, Yuri Nikolaevich Moschelkov, for productive cooperation and our distinguished lecturers, ophthalmologists: Anna Borisovna Movsisyan, Sofya Alexandrovna Dubrovskaya, Evgeniya Pavlovna Lantukh, Oksana Alexandrovna Pererva for the most interesting material, simple explanation of the topic and attentive attitude to each listener.

We look forward to further cooperation with the Union of Pensioners of Russia in the framework of other projects.



Supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.

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