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Most recently, the Moscow government launched a new project with special attention to residents of Moscow over 55 years old — the Club “My Social Center”.

The activities of the club “My Social Center” are divided into 5 thematic lines:

healthy lifestyle, technology, leisure, creativity and development.


On February 25, RetinaFond met for the first time with the visitors of the Club at Maryina Roshcha, the meeting was devoted to age-related macular degeneration.

Ruslan Borisovich Gorlenko helped us to organize the event.

Ruslan Borisovich is engaged in projects in the field of health in the Department of Labour and Social Protection, combining excellent organizational skills with being an ophthalmologist at the same time.



He was able to tell the audience of the Club in simple and understandable language about the peculiarities of the course, the risks of occurrence, treatment and prevention of the disease.

In addition, each listener received as a gift a colourful brochure with detailed information about the disease and the Amsler test for self-diagnosis.

The lecture was held in a cozy, friendly atmosphere; more than 40 people gathered in the quiet living room of the Club.


After the lecture, the audience did not let go of the lecturer for a long time, asking various questions related to eye health.

Ruslan Borisovich paid attention to everyone.


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