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“This is my first time participating in such an action. There are no words to express full gratitude. After all, I have “a whole story” with my eyes. In general, it is unpleasant. Some time ago I went to my clinic with a deterioration in vision.


The optometrist says: you are all right! But I can’t see out of half my eye, and there are black dots. He says: but I don’t see the problem that you are telling me here. But then he checked with his device, clicked something … And again: I don’t find anything, everything is absolutely normal with you, you just lifted something heavy. Here, have these drops to drip and drink this medicine.

Didn’t he really see anything? I’m afraid to think that he has deceived an elderly person. For three weeks I drip the drops and drink – there is no improvement. And then it so happened that I learned about the Open Day at the Central Clinical Hospital and got here. I liked everything! Friendliness first. Then the examination itself: quick but thorough.



Now I have the opinion in my hands and I will go to the optometrist well prepared to talk to him. Thank you, just a huge thank you to these doctors.”⠀

We would like to thank for the feedback Natalya Vladimirovna Gorokhova, who underwent an ophthalmological examination on July 13, 2019 as part of the Open Day of the Save Sight program and agreed to be photographed and have the review published.

Photo by: Evgeny Stetsko ⠀

The project “Save Sight. Improving access to quality ophthalmic care for older people ”is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund.

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