Фонд исследований и лечения
заболеваний сетчатки глаза

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Retinal diseases are diagnosed in Russia every day. Anyone can be a patient: from newborns with retinopathy of prematurity to the elderly with age-related macular degeneration. Loss of vision function and reduced quality of life is a situation faced by thousands of people.

Preventing irreversible changes and helping patients with high-quality and timely treatment is a large and urgent task, for which the Foundation for Research and Treatment of Retinal Diseases was established in March 2017.


To solve the main task, the activities of the foundation are distributed in two directions:

· preservation of vision: the Foundation assists in educating the population about the possible risks of retinal diseases;

· education of doctors: the Foundation creates a platform for the exchange of professional opinions between skilled experts and ophthalmologists with little experience, holds scientific conferences; promotes the education of young vitreoretinal surgeons



The Foundation is a non-profit organization, the activities of which are carried out mainly at the expense of funds donated by individuals and entities.

At the same time, the Foundation does not collect funds for the treatment of specific people, since the treatment of retinal diseases is, as a rule, urgent, and any delay may worsen the vision prognosis.


Our goal is to create an open space that brings together helping people, medical education and basic science.

I am glad to be involved in the creation of this story.

Founder of the Foundation
Tatiana Andreevna Avanesova,
Ophthalmologist, Ph.D. Med.

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