Фонд исследований и лечения
заболеваний сетчатки глаза

Москва, Щёлковское ш.,

дом 21, корпус 2

Phone: +7 (905) 774-34-34

Email: info@retinafond.com

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Mission and objectives of the foundation

The Foundation’s mission is to preserve vision.

We contribute to the creation of conditions when high-tech and highly professional surgical care in the treatment of severe diseases of the retina becomes possible and available to a growing number of patients.

This is not about striving by efforts or with participation of the Foundation, to cure a few or several hundreds of patients, although such a task is noble and is not rejected by us. But for us, this is just one specific task out of many, not exhaustive of the concept of a mission, not defining strategies and not dictating decisions. The same restriction applies to fund-raising, financial activities as such, information etc.

So, the mission of any industrial company is, according to a quote by Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Matsushita Electric, overcoming poverty, and prosperity of society, while the development and well-being of the company itself is just a necessary precise tool.

The conditions we are talking about are not holding charity events and actions, including surgical procedures as such, not looking for money to support these events and the very activities of the Foundation, not providing information.

Conditions are a space for interaction and development of several areas related to the fundamental goal of the Foundation, and closely related to each other:

— scientific and educational, contributing to the development of ophthalmology in the country — practical training in the latest techniques, advanced training — social support for the introduction of modern surgical practice, associated charitable activities — cultural and educational work in professional, cultural and social communities. Forming an area of loyalty, understanding, concern and cooperation.

Without combining these areas in the strategy of the Foundation, the implementation of the Mission is impossible.

We create this space by acting, not by calling for action or entrusting those actions to others. This is the uniqueness of the Foundation but also its responsibility.

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