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Пациент Х – хромосомный ювенильный ретиношизис

Kirill Orekhov

Age: 25 years

Diagnosis: X–chromosome juvenile retinoschisis

About myself

I am a simple guy, 25 years old, nothing special. My mother is also a simple woman. She has been with me, caring for me, all her life.


About the disease

I have had eye problems since birth. X chromosome is a rather serious disease. I got laser correction. But five years ago I was injured, it happened in my sleep: I turned badly and hit my left eye on the corner of the bed. I started having a detachment. And I was sent to the Fifteenth Hospital. When they looked, they said: you need to see a surgeon, choose whoever you want. Tatiana Andreevna worked there then. I came to her for an examination, feeling that she is a good person. I didn’t regret it. I made the right decision. Then I had five operations in three years. Everything is holding up well now. But this is a disease … such a disease. I can hardly see anything with my left eye. I have there both a lens and a silicone … Now the main thing is not to lose my eye completely.


Диагностика Пациент Х – хромосомный ювенильный ретиношизис

About ease and firmness

I am not disappointed in anything. This is how life turned out. What’s the point of grieving? I have an easy character. I can do something unexpected for myself. For example, I flew to a football game. This was unexpected for me. Yesterday I almost flew to the Crimea. No need to dwell on the sad sides of life. And this cannot be achieved by an effort of will all at once. This should happen on a subconscious level. You must live through, wait. Protect yourself from communicating with bad people. Especially if they press for friendship. Here you need firmness. And I have it. If I must say no, I can say no. And I will not communicate with a person with whom I do not want to communicate, even if it touches him badly. I will tell him straight about it.

About conscience and advice

Of course, I often felt ashamed. Conscience in a person is he himself, his character. Something gnaws from the inside. This also needs to be endured. Be patient, wait. Everything will be alright. It can’t always be bad. You have to work with yourself. Talk in a friendly way. Something like that. Help. I try to help: both myself and those close to me. I give advice to friends if they ask. My friend had problems: he had to make a choice was between one and another job, and then he was just called to the Crimea. I said: fly, we live once, why not? And then everything worked out so well for him!

How to go with the flow of life

I live one day at a time. What will be, will be. But you still need to think about your actions, be serious. And life … it goes on and on …

About the main feelings

My main feelings? Love. Fear. You don’t have to drive fear away from you. Don’t get rid of it or try to distract yourself. It is impossible to be distracted. You must look at it.


I would like to…

I think I feel people well. I can immediately see the person. Therefore, I would like to study psychology and help people understand what is happening to them. But I don’t know if this is possible. At all. In my case.


Photo by: Evgeny Stetsko

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