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As part of the RetinaDar charitable campaign, carried out by the RetinaFond and Alcon in partnership with the Spectrum ophthalmological clinic, the patient underwent surgery for bilateral retinal detachment.


Surgeon – A.A .Kozhukhov


Meet Anton. Affectionate and good-natured 20-year-old boy, who is called Antosha – the sun, and who lives from birth with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, epilepsy, nystagmus and partial atrophy of the optic nerve in both eyes. Vision is saved by 15-20%. But segmentally he can see and lift even small objects, walk confidently.

In January 2020, Anton showed an increase in blood pressure, and was prescribed antihypertensive therapy. It so happened that at the same time Anton’s eyesight deteriorated. However, this did not raise strong suspicions, since it was attributed to the side effect of the drug, described in the instructions as possible. But, as it turned out later, this was not the case.

And already in August 2020, when an ophthalmologist saw Anton, a serious diagnosis was made — bilateral retinal detachment.

Friends of Anton’s family recommended to see a doctor who helped their son improve his eyesight — Arseniy Aleksandrovich Kozhukhov, d.m.s., a vitreoretinal surgeon at the Spectrum clinic. The doctor made an appointment with Anton and his mother to confirm the diagnosis and plan treatment.


And on September 24, an operation took place on the left eye. It was successful and became another gratuitous operation of the RetinaDar charity event, which was a pleasant surprise for Anton’s family.

Anton will have to go through the postoperative recovery period and undergo surgery on his second eye.

May all favorable predictions come true! We wish Anton and his family strength to overcome the challenges!

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