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As part of the RetinaDar charitable campaign held by RetinaFond and Alcon in partnership with the Liga + multifunctional medical center for children and adults, the patient underwent an operation for fresh rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.

Surgeon – T.A. Avanesova

– I am Larisa Petrovna Igumnova. Our family name is not at all rare. My dad is from the Ryazan region, from the village of Petrovo, Ryazhsky district. Half the village are Igumnovs there. And you know, there was a very famous violinist Igumnov.


– Tell us what happened to you?

– Suddenly a drop appeared in my eye, like a small lens. And it was Saturday, a day off. So I went to the doctor two days later. There was a wonderful doctor. She understood what was the matter, and immediately sent me to the emergency room in our Ryazan hospital named after Semashko. And there I got to see the wonderful doctors who immediately understood what the matter was. A doctor said: now the ultrasound is not working, you will have to come tomorrow. He gave me great recommendations! “Carry your head like a crystal vase. Lie down.” The next day I was examined at Semashko. But for some reason they could not operate on me there. They gave me a referral to a multidisciplinary federal clinic in Moscow, but the vitreoretinal surgeon was on vacation. There was a very young doctor there, just wonderful. She examined me and made a phone call – and from there, by coincidence of some circumstances, I fell into the hands of Tatiana Andreevna. I am so happy. She’s a wonderful person.

– According to you, all are wonderful people.

– Because I am absolutely delighted. And here the atmosphere is just fabulous. Kind people. They asked me carefully what had happened. But I didn’t do anything special. I did not move closets. I didn’t dig the earth. They asked if there was a sparkle in the eye. There was no sparkle. And I was immediately told that an urgent operation was needed. And that they will operate. Everything spun around quickly. As they explained to me, the retinal tears were somehow twisted for some unknown reason. Just horrible. And I need eyes.

– Everyone needs eyes.

– And I need them also for my work. I work in the library. Although we have an adult library, children come to us with pleasure.

– Children read books?

– They do, and with pleasure! Although we have a small fund for children. This is happiness. Such wonderful kids. And then they grow up, move on to other books. Recently a boy, a student, came down and asked for “Capital” by Marx. Imagine. Nobody asked Marx for a long time. But he needs it by program. He studies at the university.

– How long did the operation take?

– I don’t know. I had no sense of time. Everything flew by quickly. Anesthesia was light, intravenous, and some drops were dropped into the eye. The anesthesiologist is very good. Wonderful girl. I arrived here at three o’clock. And what time is it now? About seven?..

– And what conclusion do you draw from all this?

– A very important one. Maybe it’s ugly to say that, but my attitude towards Muscovites has radically changed. And, in particular, to Moscow doctors.

– In what direction?

– For the best. I’m just happy that such people exist on earth. And I am even grateful to fate that I had a chance to meet them. It seems that my family was hosting me. A family that I will miss.


Interviewed by: Nina Chugunova

Photo by: Evgeny Stetsko

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